Are you a true Digital Native?

Are you a true master of digital media, a mass user of digital media or an old-fashioned media consumer? Find out by answer the following questions.

1) To sell a car or rent an apartment, you use …
a. the classifieds
b. Craigslist

2) You’re planning to go to the movie and want to see what’s playing, so you …
a. look in the newspaper
b. go online

3) Its time for a news update, so you…
a. watch the television news
b. open your feedreader service or find a news site on the Web

4) You enjoy listening to music…
a. sometimes and mostly from your cd-player
b. all the time and mostly from your iPod

5) When being online the majority of your time is spent on…
a. consume content, eg. reading mails
b. constantly creating or changing content

6) You go to YouTube…
a. to check out a video you’ve heard about
b. throughout the day to find out what’s new

7) You buy a new gadget and…
a. get out the manual
b. just use it

8 ) When in a car you with several passengers, you mostly…
a. talk to the other passengers in the car
b. are sending texts messages to the other passengers and your friends

5 A’s or more
: You are probably an adult born between 1946 and 1976. You are a aggressive communicator who are media-centered. For you radio, TV, film and the Internet is non-specialist media, available for everyone’s use to package information and put forward their perspective. Despite the energy you put into be updated on the tech front you just don’t have the natural affinity for technology as the real digital natives have.

5 B’s or more: You are a true digital native and probably born between 1977 and 1997. You have a natural affinity for technology that seems uncanny. You instinctively turn first to the Net to communicate, understand, learn find and do many things. The ways you use media is determining the future of digital univers.

4 A & 4 B’s: It seems like you’re learning a lot about the new media these days. But a real digital native is not you. You are more like a parent or grandparent to the digital natives, and born between 1946 and 1976.

Thanks to Don Tapscott – and the book Grown Up Digital. The abovementioned questions and answers are based on Tapscotts description of the Net Generation, Baby Boomers and Generation X. Not that I agree with his descriptions, by the way.

This test is for fun. Please don’t interpret as anything other than what it is: a test for fun.

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